outside the village?

how you can participate

Guidance for non-residents

About the 2020 event

As you will understand, we’ve made some changes to our 2020 event. The events on the village park are cancelled this year – the only event is a ‘socially distanced’ Scarecrow Event. We are holding the event to raise funds for the village park (currently out of use due to COVID-19 restrictions).

Although people are now permitted to travel for exercise, please avoid visiting the village to view the Scarecrows, instead you can view (and vote) online.

This will help everyone stay safe, and still enabling active participation.


You can find links to current government guidance here.

Even though all the Scarecrows are visible from the road/public paths, we cannot guarantee a safe walking route around the village. 


participate online

All the Scarecrows will be available to view online here on from Sunday 5 July.

You will be able to vote online, the entry is £1 and there will be a prize draw from all the entries.

Voting details will be available alongside the online scarecrow gallery.

2021 festival

We’re already making plans for our 2021 Scarecrow Festival, and we hope to be welcoming everyone back on the village park for a weekend of fun and entertainment

If you have specific questions about the 2020 Scarecrow Festival, or you need help with viewing or voting for your Scarecrows, click here to contact us.