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Update - December 2019,

The slide is ordered and should be installed within about 8 weeks. We are buying it from a Calderdale Approved Supplier called SutcliffePlay based near Wakefield. The same company supplied and fitted the Springies.

Please be aware it is the maximum height available for a freestanding slide – 2.1 m – designed for 6 to 12 years. Please also note that on the plan it is shown as being moved up to a level piece of ground – it is no longer allowed for a slide to be fitted on a slope.

The CVCA has agreed to buy the safe green carpet surface so that it will match the surfaces beneath the swings on the park. This is more expensive but will look better and last longer.

The order for the refurbishment of the two sets of two swings and existing small climbing frame is approved and the team who are renovating it are just waiting for a longer spell of improved weather.

The plan is that the new surface under the climbing frame will be safe green carpet surface – but until this work is carried out, bark has had to be put down on a temporary basis as it is currently too wet and unsafe around the equipment.

“On t’ park for t’ park”

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clifton play park team

Update - 28 July 2019,

The CVCA, along with Clifton residents, is very concerned about the condition of the play area equipment, the lack of available equipment and the disappearance of the slide during summer 2018!

CVCA contacted Calderdale MBC in October 2018, but had to wait for the appointment of a new Projects Officer (Playgrounds) in January 2019.

The group has met on three occasions (21.03.19, 11.04.19 and 19.06.19) plus once on Clifton park with Calderdale MBC on 07.05.19. There have also been meetings with two CMBC approved play equipment suppliers for general discussion and advice.


Where we started:
– Clifton Park is owned by Calderdale MBC and they are responsible for the installation and safe upkeep of the grounds and equipment. We can only buy equipment and have it installed by CMBC approved suppliers – of which there are only 8 of industry standard in the UK.
– Clifton Park has been allocated £20,000 from the 2019/2020 CMBC Playgrounds budget for the refurbishment (but this will not go far).
– Advised to apply for available community grants funding to supplement this. Also told to start with Calderdale ‘Small Grants Scheme’.
– New equipment must be suitable for a range of ages and must encourage good health and fitness.
– We must consult with the local community.

Where we are at:
– The £20,000 refurbishment grant has to pay for the refurbishment of the two sets of swings, with two new inclusive baskets on the ‘toddler’ swings. It will pay for the refurbishment of the current ‘younger age’ climbing frame including the removal of the bark and small wooden posts around the climbing frame area. This will be replaced by a new ground safe surface, secured all around the climbing frame area. This will take a large chunk of the £20,000 – possibly £13-14,000. We are awaiting a breakdown of these refurbishment costs. The refurbishment is scheduled to take place by CMBC in October/November2019. The remainder of the budget can be used for match funding a piece of equipment/ installation for the park – depending on the results of the consultation. It is vital to remember that safe surfacing and installation costs are usually only slightly less or equal to the cost of the piece of equipment.
– We have consulted with the community via surveymonkey. The results were clear: slide, climbing frame (older age group), picnic table/bench sets and more seating and a basket swing.
– We have tried to move quickly to respond to additional concerns: the dog waste bin was replaced with a new ‘Litter/dog waste accepted’ bin and moved, as requested, away from the existing bench.
– The Holiday Inn was approached to request funding for refurbishing the 1988 ‘Trust House Forte’ bench. They offered a new bench. This new bench is ready (cost £345 plus VAT) and must be installed by Calderdale MBC, we are waiting our turn. The cost of the installation plus a plaque will be paid for by CVCA.
– St John’s Church offered to pay for the refurbishment of the Trust House Forte bench, (costing £200). The work was completed by GB Stonecleaning. A plaque will be fitted, paid for by CVCA.
– We have had meetings on the park with SutcliffePlay and Ludus Leisure to discuss options re installation and positioning of future equipment.
– CMBC told us to ‘start small’ and apply to the Calderdale Small Grants Scheme in the first instance. An application was made for £2500 grant towards the purchase and installation of two ‘springies’. We were awarded £1750 which will pay for the springies, but not the cost of installation. We have applied to Calderdale Community Grant for the installation costs.
– We have applied to Co-op Community Grants (max £2500) for the purchase and installation of picnic table/bench sets and seats. If successful, we will hear in October (grant paid in two instalments, April and November 2020).
– We are in the process of applying for ‘Tesco Bags of Help’ – max £4000, but if selected, it may take up to six months to appear in store for voting. If successful the money is earmarked for the basket swing, but this will not cover installation costs.
– One of our members is applying for a community grant from their employer, which will be used towards the slide, if successful.
– Applying for grants is a very time consuming and not straightforward!! For each application supporting evidence must be provided eg CVCA constitution, annual accounts, Safeguarding policy, Equality and Diversity policy, usually three quotations for purchase and installation of equipment. Being considered for a grant is also a slow process.
Thank you for your patience and support so far
“On t’ park for t’ park”