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The slide is ordered and should be installed within about 8 weeks. We are buying it from a Calderdale Approved Supplier called SutcliffePlay based near Wakefield.
They also supplied and fitted the Springies.
Please be aware it is the maximum height available for a freestanding slide – 2.1 m – designed for 6 to 12 years. Please also note that on the plan it is shown as being moved up to a level piece of ground – it is no longer allowed for a slide to be fitted on a slope.
The CVCA has agreed to buy the safe green carpet surface so that it will match the surfaces beneath the swings on the park. This is more expensive but will look better and last longer.

The order for the refurbishment of the two sets of two swings and existing small climbing frame is approved and the team who are renovating it are just waiting for a longer spell of improved weather.
The plan is that the new surface under the climbing frame will be safe green carpet surface – but until this work is carried out, bark has had to be put down on a temporary basis as it is currently too wet and unsafe around the equipment.